What are the Best Foods for Your Kid’s Teeth?

What your children eat and how frequently they eat it are critical to the health of their teeth.  To be more specific, the more frequently your children’s teeth are exposed to sugars, acids, and carbohydrates, whether they be in the form of foods or drinks, the more likely you are to get cavities.  Many parents are shocked when their children that “only eat healthy foods” or “only eat organic foods” still manage to get cavities.  Unfortunately, even “healthy” foods can have the same cavity causing ability as junk food.  For example, a child that eats a crunchy fresh apple as a snack is less likely to develop a cavity than a child that eats sticky organic dried apples as a snack (which linger for hours in the grooves of their teeth).  Check out this amazing “Tooth Snack Guide” from “The Dentist Dad,” Dr. Roger Lucas, DDS, which breaks down foods kids commonly eat into categories that won’t cause cavities, usually won’t cause cavities, and causes cavities easily.  You might be surprised to find which list the ever-popular crackers are on!  You’ll also love his handy list of ideal snack ideas.

Download your version here: Tooth Snack Guide
Dr. Lucas even write a book, More Chocolate, No Cavities; How Diet Can Keep Your Kid Cavity Free.” 
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Roger W. Lucas, DDS | The Dentist Dad