Our Pediatric Dentists Recommend Sonicare as the Best Kid’s Toothbrush

Sonicare has released it’s newest version of their rechargeable electric tooth brush for kids. This brush has been a favorite for Dr. MacLean and Dr. Mandy’s kids for years. Sonicare has added some cool new features making it even more exciting to use this top performing toothbrush. The brush now has an app and Bluetooth technology that allows your child to interact with a cute character named Sparkly. It helps your child to develop life-long healthy brushing habits while encouraging them to brush for 2 minutes while they’re engaged with the app.

If you’re considering upgrading to an electric brush for your child, or even yourself, Sonicare is definitely the go-to brand. ACDS carries the new Bluetooth Sonicare for Kids for $45. You can also log on to Philips – United States for rebate and extended warranty offers.