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Pediatric Pulp Therapy and Stainless Steel Crowns

Live, Interactive Webcast Continuing Education Course – 3 Hours Credit

Frequent snacking, not flossing, and unsupervised brushing combined with baby teeth’s thin enamel, enlarged pulp chambers, and tight, broad contacts create the perfect storm for rapid breakdown of tooth structure. Multi-surface restorations can be unpredictable and difficult to place in young children. Pulp therapy and stainless steel crowns (SSCs) are some of the most common pediatric dental procedures, as well as the most dependable for achieving long term clinical success. This course will review minimally invasive options like indirect pulp therapy and the Hall Technique, as well as conventional vital pulpotomy and SSC placement. Whether you are a general dentist that enjoys treating children or a seasoned pediatric specialist, we will review tips and tricks to help increase your treatment confidence and improve clinical outcomes.

Course Objectives:

  • Treatment planning for SSCs
  • Informed consent
  • Pulpal diagnosis
  • Pulp medicaments
  • Indirect pulp therapy
  • Vital pulpotomy
  • Hall Technique
  • Fitting SSCs
  • Suction isolation systems
  • Rubber dam isolation
  • Tooth preparation for SSC
  • SSC cementation
  • Post-op instructions

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