Mom Shares Her Experience with Her Son Receiving Silver Diamine Fluoride

Listen to a patent’s mom share her thoughts and feelings about her son receiving Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) and Hall Crown treatment by Dr. Jeanette MacLean, interviewed by Dr. Steve Duffin. 3 Year old Christian first had SDF treatment in Washington at 1 year old. The family moved to Arizona when he was 2 years old. Mom brought him to two pediatric dentists in Arizona who were both unfamiliar with SDF and told her he had to have general anesthesia (GA) to treat his teeth. She found Dr. Jeanette MacLean from Affiliated Children’s Dental Specialists online as a SDF provider. Dr. MacLean told her they would not need GA to treat his teeth. They did another SDF treatment, and then 6 months later placed crowns using the Hall Technique (no shots, no drills, no anesthesia) in mere minutes for 5 teeth with mom in the room. Patients, parents and dentists; For more information visit Dentists interested in learning SDF and SMART;