SMART Hall Crown Technique With NuSmile Stainless Steel Crowns and Advantage Arrest SDF

“Watch pediatric dentist Dr. Jeanette MacLean demonstrate the minimally invasive SMART Hall Crown Technique using Advantage Arrest silver diamine fluoride (SDF), Fuji Cem2 glass ionomer cement, and NuSmile stainless steel crowns. This revolutionary dental treatment is quick, painless, simple, and effective, with high levels of evidence. Most importantly, it can help young or fearful patients, (such as children and special needs patients) avoid shots, drills, sedation and/or general anesthesia (GA) for dental work to treat their cavities. This treatment is standard of care in the UK, with its origins in Scotland more than a decade ago. The Hall technique is not well known or widely practiced in the US, though we hope that is changing as awareness and adoption of minimally invasive treatment options increase.”