Dr. Jeanette MacLean Featured in October 2018 Dentaltown Magazine

Dr. Jeanette MacLeanOur pediatric dentist, Dr. Jeanette MacLean, was featured as the cover story for the October 2018 issue of Dentaltown Magazine.

The article features wonderful images of our pediatric dental patients receiving treatment in our office along with an interview with Dr. MacLean. She describes how she has become known not only in the greater Phoenix area, but all over the world, as an expert and advocate for minimally invasive dental treatments like silver diamine fluoride (SDF), Hall crowns, and SMART fillings (glass ionomer cement), that help children and special needs patients avoid sedation and general anesthesia.

The full article can be viewed here: Office Visit: Dr. Jeanette MacLean by Kyle Patton, associate editor, Dentaltown magazine